Beat your fear – Part I

Beat your fear – Part I

Every time that a year will end, it became our nature to make resolutions for us to change and transform to a better version of ourselves. Some resolutions can meet success, but there are also some that do not. These fails are due to the fear we have inside of our personalities. We fear to meet success, and we also fear to fail. Whatever the reason and roots of a fear, it serves as a hindrance to anyone to act and be successful in various aspects.

Coping with your fear can be done in many ways and forms. If correctly performed and addressed, fear can be released, and a better life can be achieved.

Regular consultation with a Licensed Psychologist

Psychologists refer to the professionals who had studied human behaviors and other human-related realms for understanding.  Their job is to help an individual who is suffering from mental disorders, fears, unusual behaviors, and deficiency in thinking. Deep understanding and study must be done to know the patient’s sickness.

People who have problems coping with their fears can seek help from these people. The expertise of these people in this kind of field can significantly help them to fight against their fears. Therapies and sessions are included in the medications of a patient such as Cognitive Behavior Therapies (CBT), talks, seminars, and other else. Prescribed pills can also be given to a patient to avoid panic attacks, nausea, and other things that might happen in case of fear attacks. Regular and proper consultation to a psychologist can help a patient to cope with fears. Also, through this, a better and effective life can be achieved.

Support Groups

Support groups are made up of different people who have their burdens in life. They have their fears in life that makes them weak and incapable of doing things. They also have different personalities, likes, and dislikes in life that serves as a primary key for them to interact and complete each other’s insufficient characteristics. In this kind of group, people can share their own experiences and open it up to other people. This became effective stress and pressure reliever of the people as well as a great source of new learning or tactics to deal with your problems in life. Releasing negativities can help us to feel light and happy.

Members who had undergone and already succeeded in fighting against their life problems are the significant sharers of the group to help those who are still in the process of fighting against their problems. In this way, other members can gather new ideas and learn how to cope with their problems. Battle stories of the sharers can also inspire and motivate other members to face and fight against their life problems. Always remember that ignored problems will continuously grow while facing it can make it shrink deep.

Drugs and Medications

Treatments using drugs and other medications can give the patients a short-term assistance and help. This can help in treating panic attacks, mood swings, and other else. It may provide a short term help only, but it can still make a big movement to the wellness of a patient. Some fears can make the heart stamp in an unusual way as well as difficulty in breathing. That is why it is advised to bring drugs or devices to help aid the patient. This can help and save the life of a patient whenever fear is approaching.  Various kinds of medications are prescribed in every patient suffering from the results of having fears in anything. It can be a tablet, syrup, an inhaler to help aid in the difficulty in breathing, oils, and rubs. The medications will only depend on the type of sickness a patient has and the age as well. For the children, syrups are the most advised to be used while tablets are for the adults. There are medications which can also worth so much that some cannot even purchase a single piece of it.


Fears are the result of our imaginative thinking as well as the things we see, and we hear. It can greatly affect the thinking capacity, body function, and also the intellect of an individual.fears can result into an increase of the adrenaline rush feeling that can make an individual suffer from those previously mentioned results. We all know that a peaceful and good situation of our body and self are vital to adequately address and fight against several fears that take our life over. To maintain a harmonious self together with inner peace, meditating can be a good way. Meditations can come into various ways such as yoga, praying, and meditating itself. In doing this activity, peace of mind is needed, and distractions must be avoided. In this way, negativities and fears for some things can be released out of the body. It can result in a better version of self and a happier living as well. Just keep in mind that doing this do have limitations and proper steps to be followed to avoid additional problems. Do this with all of the heart and peace can be achieved.

Fears are only the challenges that are given to us by God to test our capabilities and limitations in life. Fearing something should be a reason to feel ashamed of yourself, rather than a representation that we are not strong all the time, that we also have our weaknesses in life not only strengths. All of us do have our fears in life, and there is nothing to feel ashamed about. Nobody is perfect, only God. the things that we must do to conquer these fears we have in life are through applying the solutions as mentioned earlier and ways. All of these can help us fight against our fears and make it realize that we are stronger than it, that we are bigger than it. Never make yourself to feel weak, we are all strong, and we all can conquer our problems and fears in life.

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