Beat your fear – Part II

Beat your fear – Part II

Fears can significantly affect our lives and its different aspects, such as survival. Fears can stop and hinder us from doing the things we want in life. It is considered as a barrier that divides and affects our decisions in life as an individual. There is a chance that we wanted to try some things, but fears are triggered and make us lose interest in that certain thing. It can also affect our jobs, especially when our posts do contain items that we fear. It can affect our thinking capacity as well as our performance not just in our careers, but also in school, peer interaction, and other else

There are ways to help us get loose with our fears in life. All of these can help us to achieve a new version of ourselves and a better experience.

Know the Fear that You Have

Some people don’t have any idea about the things behind their fears. They don’t have enough idea about it that results in the difficulty to cope with it. A person must be aware and must recognize the fear he has to gather further views and ways to conquer it. Every concern has the symptom that makes it be recognized, especially by the psychologists. With these symptoms or signs, psychologists can easily detect the type of fear that a person has.

Be aware of the Symptoms

As mentioned earlier, symptoms can help in the detecting process of a particular type of fear. If symptoms are frequently felt daily, it is better to seek the attention and treatment of a psychologist. Symptoms may vary depending on the type of fear a person has. A proper way to detect and address these symptoms must be considered to give the patient the appropriate treatment needed.

Reflect on the Traumatizing Events that have Affected your Life

There are various types of traumatic events that have affected the life of an individual and now resulted in the development of fears. Some traumatic events include car crashes, robbery, shooting incident, and many more. A traumatized person may find it hard to forget all of these events, so a high standard and quality service must be provided. Engaging a person into reflection and sharing of events in life can also help. In this way, it can lessen the burden and problems in life. Sharing and reflecting with traumatic events in your life is proven effective to help relieve stress and negativity in life.

Have a Sincere Talk with a Good Listener

Releasing fears and negativities away from your body can help you to feel better and lighter. A good and sincere talk with good listeners can help you with that. Good listeners can be your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, or professional people such as guidance counselors, and psychologists. Sharing your fears to these people can benefit you a lot. New ideas and tactics to fight against your concerns can be earned by doing this kind of activity. Realizations and enlightenment can also be achieved that will further lead to a much better quality of life. Fears can now be faced with a brave heart and beat it with a mind-blowing tactics.

Sink Deep through the Origins of your Fears

All of our fears has its reasons and roots. It can be the past experiences, the environment, and way we view our perspectives for everything that comes in our life. It can also be a result of biological attributes that rooted from our parents or other older family members. Knowing the roots or reasons of every fear you have is vital to let yourself be aware of the things that you should avoid and the things that you can also apply to cope with your problems. Sufficient knowledge and background about your fears can also play a significant role in the development and application of accurate treatment methods to deal with these fears.

It Is Okay to Have Fears

Having fears must not be considered as a factor for you to feel ashamed of yourself. All of us have our concerns in life. We fear heights, various animals, things, personalities, and many more. It is normal to fear something for it provides us with new lessons and ideas to upgrade our life into a better version. Never be shy for having fears, instead make it as an inspiration to conquer and fight against it. Nobody is perfect as well as nobody is strong enough to claim that there’s nothing to be feared of. These fears can also be referred to as our weaknesses. We are not always strong and able to conquer many things. There are times, and we all have a weak side. This weak side or fears may bring us down, but it can also be a motivation for us to stand and fight again in the battle of life. Life is not always about rainbows and unicorns. We all have a side that we don’t want to share with other people, but there is nothing wrong with that.

Fears are only a way of God for him to test our faith in him. With these fears, the Lord can see the people who know and loves him. The Lord may give you these fears in your life, but the Lord doesn’t provide any problem without a solution. It is according to his will and plan for the betterment of our selves. All we need to do is to trust Him and His plans. Another one is to seek help from the people surrounding us. These people are our family who is willing all the time to help and assist us in every problem we face. They can help us to overcome our fears in life. Together with our own will to make a better and tougher version of yourself, all of these are possible. An ignored fear will grow continuously, while a bravely faced will sink deep.

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