Kinds of Fears

All of us have our fears in life. These fears became a huge factor that affects us in our daily living. Fears can control or manipulate our thinking, decisions, and actions which can have either a good or bad outcome. If not given attention or proper solution, this may lead to sickness, problems, negativity, and worse, death. In over billions of people around the world, varying fears are making their life miserable and messy. There are also some celebrities such as La Toya Jackson, who had shared their fears on the media. However, first, let us define the word fear.

What is Fear?

According to psychology, fear refers to the emotional response of an individual in a certain thing, event, or being that triggers and affects the brain and body function. It can affect the brain and body function in a way that it makes the body release adrenaline feeling and makes an individual to panic, cry, run, hide, or anything else.

Fear can be rooted in different ways and reasons. For example, since you are a child, you are afraid of clowns or mascots, and you brought it until your present age. Its reason is that you find the face and laugh of a clown scary. You always thought that the clown might harm and eat you, so you are afraid of it — this kind of fear to have its name. Fear of clowns is called Coulrophobia. However, this is not only it, but there are also still many kinds of phobia.

Fear List


The acrophobia is referred to as the fear of heights, and it has a relation to the fear of flying, which is called as the aerophobia. However, acrophobia is different for it is the fear of climbing the ladder, being high from the ground, high-story buildings, and many more. This kind of phobia can affect the thinking and performance of an individual who might result in adverse outcomes. It can stop an individual from doing physical activities that involve climbing a certain height. An individual with this kind of fear must seek a psychologist’s help and treatment. Psychotherapy must be given to address and resolve this kind of fear correctly. Exposure and medication can also help, as well as relaxation.


An individual who has claustrophobia is afraid of small spaces, and let him think that he will be enclosed in that small area. This is a type of anxiety disorder that can affect the life of an individual. This kind of fear often leads an individual into panic attacks. This can be caused by a previous event which had triggered the fear more. It can be an abuse during childhood, being trapped in a small area, or parents are also claustrophobic. This will only be treated by asking for a professional treatment by a psychologist. Meditation and relaxation can also help to release this fear outside the body. By relaxing your mind and body, you can be able to fight against it.


Who would’ve thought that the man’s best friend can also be a source of the fear of some people? Dogs are cute, easy to play with, and fun to be with, but some people find a dog as a monster one. Some dogs can also be scary, especially when it is angry. It can bite and follow you wherever you go. This may be some of the reasons why people are getting scared of dogs.

To cope with this kind of fear, an individual must avoid having contact with dogs. A regular consultation to a psychologist can also help as well as discovering or understanding the nature of a dog. Dogs are kind if you only have the heart to show them that they are respected, loved, and cared.


Storms are terrifying, especially when it starts to give us heavy rainfalls with thunderstorms and lightning. Every year, many storms are created in the large bodies of water and affect a particular place. People also died due to the effect of the storm as well as the bodies of nature. An individual diagnosed with astraphobia visits a weather channel frequently to look after the situation of storms. Astraphobia can be the result of a previous contact with thunders and flashes of lightning or the effect of watching films with this kind of scenes. In coping with this kind of fear, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) must be done. Relaxation and meditation can also help to release those fears and negativities away from the body.


This kind of phobia refers to the fear of cats or other feline creatures. It may be caused by a past and unforgettable contact with a feline that might be brought a life into danger. Watching contents with scary felines, attacking someone, can also trigger this kind of fear. It can result in panic attacks whenever a feline is seen. This kind of fear can only be treated by taking Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with a licensed psychologist. Understanding the natures of a cat or feline can also help to lessen and fight this kind of fear.


This kind of phobia is referred to as the fear of snakes. Snakes are a great harm in anyone’s life. Lots of people are scared and don’t want to have a contact with snakes.  To cope with this kind of phobia, proper and regular consultation to a psychologist is required. In this way, you can also understand the nature of the snakes and the things that you must know to avoid having contacts with snakes. Meditation and relaxation can also help to fight against this kind of fear.

These are only some of the fears that an individual might have. Fight against your fears by simply being brave and tough. Never run away from it. Instead, face and fight it. Don’t you ever let these fears to hold you down, be strong enough to end it!